About Us - kekkai digitally crafted scarves, made in Italy

kekkai (noun): on a small scale, meaning a projected energy barrier, force field or shield; and on a larger scale, meaning a pocket universe, spiritual or otherwise.

Like all clothing, scarves affect the way in which we see ourselves and the version of our self that we project into the world. They shield us from the natural elements while forming an intimate and invisible boundary between the body and the public eye. It is in this sense that they can be seen as a kekkai – an energy boundary between the inside and out; soft shields that offer protection and the confidence to be audacious.

kekkai was founded in 2014 as a collaborative art project between two Greek sisters living separately in New York City and London. Our designs are created through a process-driven artistic practice that explores the overlap between digital and analogue techniques of pattern making. Inspired by the hidden powers of geometry, healing plants and color, each piece is uniquely designed to lift the spirit. Made of the highest quality Italian fabrics and large enough to wrap the entire body, they become a second skin, perfect for winter and summer alike.

Emily is a graduate of Falmouth University, and has been working in the field of Creative Advertising since 2005. She is inspired by the uncut and the uncomfortable, and passionate about capturing the uncanny and beautiful through the lens of her 35 mm camera. Yvonne-Demitra is a Junior Architect and a graduate of Columbia University. She is obsessed with discovering the inherent logic of natural systems, sacred geometry, and design, from the scale of an object to the scale of the city. Yvonne-Demitra is the lead designer of kekkai, and uses it as a platform to develop new methods of digital and analogue pattern-making, 3d modeling and rendering techniques.