About Us - kekkai digitally crafted scarves, made in UK

Your own pocket universe


The Buddhist meaning of ‘kekkai’ touches the mystical, physical and supernatural. Energy barrier. Personal force field. Spiritual shield that allows a closer connection to a higher force.

A kekkai scarf is a soft and sensuous shelter. The unique designs are inspired by the hidden powers of geometry, healing plants and colour. They invigorate the senses and spirit, while protecting us from the outer elements.

Audacious. Joyful. Mysterious. With kekkai we’re ushered into vibrant ways of expressing how we present ourselves to the world.

Only the highest quality, fabrics are used: each one is a comforting presence all year long.

kekkai was founded in 2014, intrinsically creative, Emily Konstantinidis is the driving force of kekkai. She’s inspired by the uncut and the uncomfortable. She looks at life through the lens of her camera. She captures the uncanny. The ugly. The beautiful.